ONSAが運営する楽譜出版事業「Golden Hearts Publications」のストアです。海外の自費出版作品を中心に吹奏楽やアンサンブルの楽譜を取り扱っています。

吹奏楽 楽譜 | アンサンブル楽譜 | ソロ/ソロピアノ楽譜  | ブラスバンド楽譜  | その他の編成の楽譜
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If you are outside of Japan, there are two ways to order the items in our shop.

1. Please use "tenso.com." They are oversea delivery agency. http://www.tenso.com/

2. You can purchase directly using PayPal. Please choose EMS or SAL flight as delivery method.

Also, there are many works that are only permitted for sale in Japan.

At the moment, we can deliver to outside of Japan is the work of the following composers, Golden Hearts Publications publishing or printing agency.

■Ssu-Yu Huang(黄思瑜)

■Man-Ching Donald Yu(余文正)